Rebuild lives with Sadaqah

Providing a collective and measured response for those who have suffered and lost everything through natural disasters, calamities, conflict or other misfortunes would be challenging under any situation, and is much less so when faced by real life situations.

To rebuild the lives of those affected, the young in particular, requires a collaborative and co-operative approach between donors and those in need, in order to alleviate their poverty and improve their situation. Such an approach permits us to not only assist in the provision of basic necessities such as water, food and shelter, but also to go further and empower individuals so that they may become self-sufficient through education or other small gifts that make a gigantic difference to their lives.

Giving Sadaqah is the key to facilitating such vital transformations.



 Giving Sadaqah wishes to thank all donors for the generosity shown   during the recently concluded month of Ramadhan. You may view   the outcome of our appeal hereJazak Allah!


Our Mission

To empower communities to rise from the darkness of poverty and to promote sustainable change by providing access to education and welfare by giving sadaqah.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

One of the easiest ways to support our work is to become a sponsor. Sponsors typically donate a fixed amount per month over an agreed period of time. We can provide the relevant charity tax exemption documents in return for your help.

Saving Lives and Empowering Families since 2002

Children Placed

£ Raised


We’ve Raised over £100,000

We are grateful for our sponsors and donors, who have shown selfless devotion in supporting our causes. In addition to our educational projects, the money has gone into a diverse range of ventures, from micro-finance loans to well-digging in water-stressed areas.




Helping Children All Over

Investing in children’s education is the best approach to uplifting them and their families from the bleakness of poverty. We at Giving Sadaqah recognised this at the outset, and set out to build schools first. Today, we support FREE education for 5000 pupils.

How You Can Get Involved

Call 0800 020 9500 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

You can help us with volunteer contributions rather than monetary giving. Often, such assistance is required for a range of our activities, and can take the form of help in administrative to on-the-ground matters.

Sponsor Program

From time to time, we operate special appeals, which have fixed cost funding requirements. Sponsorship works particularly well with such appeals, which are not only time-limited, but also have clear and observable deliverables.

Charity Fund

The Charity Fund is the backbone of Giving Sadaqah, and allows us to meet our philanthropic obligations on a weekly basis. Please donate with whatever you can afford. جزاك ا لله خيرآ