Ramadhan 2019 Appeal: Epilogue

Giving Sadaqah wishes to thank all who responded to our Ramadhan 2019 Appeal.

We asked for your support for the blessed month of Ramadhan in 2019, and الحمد لالله, the response was generous. 

We have collected below a set of pictures taken to show how your money was spent. 




Distribution of Dates
Over 16 tonnes of Dates were distributed before the start of Ramadan 2019 (3000 cases)

Make an Orphan Happy
The task of bringing happiness to an orphan was achieved by giving out cash in the last ten days of Ramadhan 2019. The equivalent of £4000 was distributed in cash.

Assistance to Widows and Single Mothers
Cash funds were distributed to 150 women who had been either widowed due to conflict or were single mothers. A total of £6000 was paid out.

The Barakah Basket (Food for Ramadhan)
Food baskets were distributed to 150 needy families (total value of £4000).